Celebrate Wildflowers

nATIONAL WILDFLOWER WEEK (1)Providing habitat for butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds and other wildlife, native plants and wildflowers are a beautiful addition to water-wise landscapes! This week, The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department is observing National Wildflower Week in recognition of the natural beauty and ecological value of wildflowers. 

While requiring very little irrigation once established, wildflowers fit any landscape style from formal to natural, habitat or country garden. Discover the right native plants for your landscaping project at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s Native Plant Database

One of the most beautiful wildflowers, purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) has adapted well to the home landscape. Carefree, easy to grow, drought tolerant and gorgeous blooms make it a favorite.

Introduce kids to the beautiful purple coneflower by downloading this fun activity: Purple Coneflower Mask!

For more information, request a water-wise packet from The Woodlands Township’s Environmental Services Department by calling 281-210-3800 or emailing the department.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Wildflowers

  1. How come my wildflower habitat is being critcized and was told to do upkeep. It was so natural and I even got a letter. I have Monarchs, honey bees and hummingbirds in my yard. It is also very water friendly.

  2. Good afternoon, Ms. Spotswood! The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department commends you for considering pollinators and wildflowers when selecting plants for your landscape. A well-tended garden shows off native plants at their best. To blend with neighborhood aesthetics, The Woodlands Covenants offer these guidelines when creating or maintaining a habitat garden:
    ∙ Define beds, keeping them neat, mulched and weed-free.
    ∙ Remove yard debris, such as fallen branches.
    ∙ Prune trees, shrubs and plants when needed.
    ∙ Keep lawn areas weeded, mowed and edged.

    Here are some design element tips that tame wildflower gardens:
    ∙ Maintain a border.
    ∙ Plant in drifts and masses.
    ∙ Create focal points.
    ∙ Add hardscaping, such as boulders, river rock or permeable pavers.

    For additional questions about landscaping, please contact us at 281-210-3800. Thank you!

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