Township Monitors Mosquito Activity

PicMonkey CollageWorking in cooperation with Montgomery County Precinct 3 and Harris County Mosquito Control District, The Woodlands Township conducts ongoing mosquito trapping and surveillance while providing public education to reduce mosquito populations. 

Recent reports of Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus in both Harris and Montgomery Counties heightens awareness during an already tense mosquito season.  No locally generated cases of mosquito-borne disease in humans have been reported at this time.

When a sample of mosquitoes tests positive for disease or a human case of mosquito-borne disease is reported, action is taken in accordance with Integrated Mosquito Management endorsed by Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Montgomery and Harris counties initiate a response protocol that may include biological controls, street spraying and treatment of storm drains.

To keep residents informed, The Woodlands Township provides links to reports of mosquito activity and spray schedule maps for each county.  Visit to access information for each village in The Woodlands.

Tell Mosquitoes to Bug Off   Before going outdoors, be sure to reach for insect repellent to keep these nuisance biters at bay and to protect your family from more concerning, disease-carrying mosquitoes. Select product strength based on the amount of time planned to spend outdoors and be sure to wear long, loose, light-colored clothing.

Remember: Drain after Rain   To reduce mosquitoes after the recent rains, residents are encouraged to monitor landscapes weekly for sources of standing water. Runoff from landscape irrigation caused by overwatering creates mosquito breeding sites.  Sprinkler systems should be set to irrigate no more than twice a week on your designated watering days, delivering no more than one inch of water a week.

To learn more about eliminating breeding sites and selecting a repellent, please visit the Township’s Mosquito Control webpage or call Environmental Services Department at 281-210-3800.

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