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Recycling Dilemma #1001: Oversized Cardboard & Moving Boxes

Whether you just received delivery of a new jumbo flat screen television, relocated from across country or just moved down the street, dealing with the cardboard boxes can seem like a big problem… but don’t fret! Your curbside solid waste services provide a special pick-up day each month for recycling oversized and abundant cardboard boxes. 

Cardboard boxes too numerous or large to fit in the recycling cart must be scheduled for pick-up. The service is provided to each neighborhood once a month at no additional cost.

For a trouble-free pick-up, please follow these guidelines…

How-to schedule bulk recycling pick-up of cardboard…

Determine your pickup day…

For more moving day solutions, please visit Move in/Out Guidelines

To learn more about recycling and solid waste services provided to residents of The Woodlands Township, please visit the Recycling and Solid Waste page.
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