Enjoy Fall Vegetable Gardening

Are you hungry for delicious homegrown fall vegetables?   Growing your own specialty leaf or cos lettuces is easy to accomplish in a raised garden bed or large container receiving at least six hours of sun daily. 

Lettuce varieties are available in colors ranging from light green to purple or spotted and in interesting leaf shapes and textures as varied as oak leaf, frilled, narrow or wide.

Maturing in only a few weeks, lettuce can be harvested at all growth stages and will usually regrow when cut at an immature stage.

Learn how to take advantage of the best gardening season in Texas at the Woodlands Landscaping Solutions event on  Saturday, September 24, 2016. 

From leafy greens to fall herbs, Montgomery County Master Gardeners will be sharing information about planning and growing a fall garden. In addition, Veggie Village will be offering vegetable plants for sale. Bring your questions and your friends!

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