Protect Your Healthy Trees


Magnolia, red bay, sweet gum, oak and dogwood trees with dead brown twigs at the tips of the branches may be infested by the black twig borer.  This tiny invasive insect is fast-becoming a common pest in nurseries and home landscapes throughout our region. U.S. Forest Service entomologists have positively identified this insect right here in The Woodlands.

Boring into healthy twigs, the female black twig borer creates an “ambrosia” fungus inside the twig.  This causes the twig to die, resulting in noticeable “flagging” or dead twig tips.  The female insect lays eggs inside the twig.  As the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the ambrosia fungus.  Although the damage created by this insect does not cause tree death, it does affect the appearance of the tree in the landscape.


Attend the Woodlands Landscaping Solutions event here in The Woodlands on Saturday, September 24, 2016, for more information about keeping your trees healthy, the black twig borer and other insects affecting trees in our area.

Experts from The Township Forestry Division, Texas Forest Service, Texas Master Naturalists and Montgomery County Master Gardeners will be available to answer questions about selecting the right tree for your landscape, caring for trees and identifying pest insects.

Tap into Nature and learn more about water-wise plants and techniques at Woodlands Landscaping Solutions or call The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at 281-210-3800.

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