Now is the time… for composting leaves!

picmonkey-collageIt’s that time of year for oak, sweet gum, ash, sycamore and other deciduous trees to begin losing their leaves. With a little assistance, fallen leaves can be transformed into wonderful free compost for the garden. Filled with nutrients, leaves are a free source of organic matter and an important ingredient to be added to your compost bin.  

Raking and saving the leaves from your own yard provides stored brown material to be used as needed when creating compost. Since numerous bags of leaves are needed for one bin of compost, ask others in your neighborhood to donate their leaves for your composting process.  Often, neighbors are willing to share their excess fallen leaves.

Creating compost with leaves and other yard trimmings is one method of recycling and an easy way to make your own organic soil amendment.  Finished compost can be added to houseplants, container plantings in your landscape and edibles grown in containers or raised garden beds.

Want to learn more about creating compost?

Attend the free community Composting Class taught by Montgomery County Master Gardeners on Saturday, December 3, 2016.  High quality compost bins will be for sale at a reduced price.

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