Don’t Miss Out on Good Things – Make the Pledge!


Everybody doesn’t like something… but nobody doesn’t like doing a good thing. If you haven’t signed up for this winter’s Water-Wise Village Challenge pledge, you may be missing out on doing a good thing!

Make a promise to turn off your automated sprinkler system until April 15, 2017, and let your turf grass go brown for the winter. (Good Thing #1: Grass needs to grow its roots during the cool months instead of growing green leaves.)

You will conserve water for the winter. (Good Thing #2:  Saving water now is better than having restrictions in the future in case of another drought.)

Your Village Association gains points toward receiving a donation from program sponsors for your Scholarship Fund. (Good Thing #3: Some young person in your neighborhood may be the recipient of a scholarship, and you will want to feel good if you helped increase your Village’s fund)

Find more information about the Water-Wise Village Challenge and how to make the pledge by clicking here.

Deadline for your Village to receive points for pledges from you and your neighbors is December 31, 2016 – act now and feel good!

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