What’s Your Water IQ?

explore-1How much do you really know about how the state manages water?  Did you realize that there is a plan for water that reaches out 50 years? Have you ever wondered if we have enough water available to supply our growing population? What are the options for acquiring more water? Get the facts on these questions and more for yourself!

Texas Water Development Board 2017 State Water Plan.jpgTo ensure the ongoing vitality of our economy, Texas’ citizens, water experts, and government agencies collaborate in a comprehensive water planning process. The Texas Water Development Board has the task of preparing and publicizing a plan every five years for all that and more.

The plan provides a roadmap for how to address the water needs that accompany growth by identifying water management strategies and associated costs for communities across the state. The newest report is hot off the press! You can review it now by visiting the TWDB website.

For more information about water conservation in The Woodlands Township, please click here or call the Environmental Services Department at 281-210-3800.

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