Recycle Often. Recycle Right.

Are you (1).pngWe’ve all gotten the message loud and clear – recycle, Recycle, RECYCLE!  Recycling saves energy, water and natural resources, and reduces pollution. It’s the right thing to do. But, did you know that recycling right is just as important as recycling often?

Did You Know? Too much contamination can send an entire truck load of recyclables to the landfill.

Here are some common contamination culprits:

  • Plastic Bags. Plastic bags can shut down the entire recycling plant so remember to keep them out of your curbside cart. Instead, return them, along with other clean plastic film (case wrap, bubble wrap, produce bags…) to the grocery store.
  • Tanglers. No hoses, hangers, wires, chains or electronics.
  • Clothing or Linens. Donate clothing or linens to local charitable organizations. Check out the Donation Guide for a list of organizations and what they accept.
  • Food and Liquid. Recyclables should be clean; remember to empty and rinse all containers. Avoid greasy pizza boxes and paper products.
  • #6 Plastic. Look for the symbol. Only #1-5 & 7 accepted.

Please remember to always follow Waste Management guidelines which  can be found on the lid of your recycling cart. For more great recycling resources, visit the Township’s recycling webpage


When in doubt, throw it out! Even better, call The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department for help with recycling right, 281-210-3800.

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