Think INSIDE the Box

explore.pngYou are probably aware that plastic grocery bags are recyclable – just bring them back to the grocery store. But did you also know that many other plastic films can also be included? 

Next time you finish that loaf of bread or pour out the last of the cereal, shake out any remaining crumbs and add the bag or liner to those store-bound plastic grocery bags. (PS: Even bubble wrap or air pillows from a new purchase can be recycled this way!)


 For more information on the types of plastic film that can be recycled, be sure to read the Resolve to Recycle More at the Store, or visit our W.R.A.P. booth at Earth Day GreenUP March 25, 2017, at Rob Fleming Park. Register online for the community-wide litter pickup event today!


For more information about recycling plastic film, you can visit For more information about curbside and other recycling opportunities in The Woodlands, please visit

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