Celebrate Drinking Water

DRINKING WATER WEEK.pngDo you review your MUD’s annual report about your water quality? Then you know our drinking water is safe and good to use. However, there are other things to consider about water… Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Can we be sure there will be enough water in the future?

It’s National Drinking Water Week. Don’t let it pass without thinking about how you can help conserve the source of your water!

Our water sources are primarily underground aquifers and surface water. Water above ground needs a lot more treatment to make it safe to drink compared to underground water. But to supply current needs here in Texas, all these supplies must be used. Across the country, drinking water is constantly tested to assure safe supplies. It’s unusual when a drinking water supply is not safe; availability is a greater concern for the future.

Water is abundant worldwide. The problem is that most of it is ocean water – too salty for us to drink. Then, factor out the fresh water frozen at the poles, or in gaseous form in the atmosphere. So, less than one percent of all water on earth is fresh and accessible to use. And guess what? The population has grown to a size that is pushing the envelope on sustainability of this acutely critical resource – in time, availability could be impacted.

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Visit the Water Conservation page for information about how water works in The Woodlands and the upcoming Smarter about Water seminar, or call Environmental Services at 281-210-3800.

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