Water YOU doing to conserve?

WWC Sign Up Pledge Banner[Blog Post By Terrilyn MacArthur, Environmental Education Specialist, TMacArthur@thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov]

If you haven’t already heard, the annual Water-Wise Village Challenge is well under way. Since October 15, residents have been encouraged – in fact, urged – to turn off their automated sprinkler systems for the winter. The benefits are great: save water, make your grass healthier, and earn points for your village toward possible scholarship funds. How could you go wrong?

Here’s a secret, though. Don’t tell anyone! If your household pledges before December 31, you earn two points, rather than only one. Shhh.

Pledge online now to help your village be one of the three with the most points for the scholarship donations.

And that healthier grass thing? Did you know that watering over the winter inhibits the deep growth your grass’s roots need to be strong and insect-resistant in the spring? So use your hose end sprayer nozzle for your plants and trees and let the grass go brown. It will definitely thank you when winter is over.

Pledge online and in two minutes you will be done and busy saving water. THREE great things accomplished before bedtime today.

So, water you doing to save the earth? For more ideas, call the Environmental Services Department of The Woodlands Township at 281-210-3800.