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Do More to Waste Less!

[Blog Post By Zoe Killian, Environmental Education Specialist,]

Refreshing your recycling knowledge and improving your sorting regimen is simple and important. By putting only the accepted items in your yellow-lid curbside cart, you are ensuring that your materials are properly recycled. Follow these guidelines to ensure you make your recycling count!

When in doubt, throw it out – If you cannot verify that an item is recyclable, the best action is to repurpose or throw it away. It is more important to recycle correctly than to “wish-cycle” and contaminate the recycling stream.

Never throw trash, food waste, plastic bags, wires, fabric, or Styrofoam in your yellow-top curbside recycling cart! These items contaminate your good recyclables and damage processing machinery.

If you are a new resident, check with The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department for recycling guidelines and resources or call 281.210.3800.  Check out our Recycle More Guide and Donation Guide for comprehensive lists of recycling and donation opportunities in The Woodlands.

Curbside Recycling Cart Guidelines

Curbside Textile Recycling Guidelines

Step 1: Place clothing, shoes and home goods into the orange bags provided by Simple Recycling. Simple Recycling will also provide residents with tags for larger items that will not fit inside the bags. You can request bags at online.

Step 2: Place your bags at the curb on your normal service day by 7 a.m.

Step 3: A Simple Recycling truck will collect the bags automatically (no ordering is necessary) and recycle them.  A replacement bag will be left for you.

***As of November 20, 2020, Simple Recycling’s curbside service has been cancelled. View the press release here.

Don’t stop at the curb – Recyclables can also be taken to The Woodlands Recycling Center or the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Recycling Center. The Precinct 3 Recycling Center also accepts items that do not belong in your curbside cart such as plastic bags/packaging, electronics (for a fee), bulky Styrofoam, and much more.

Upcoming recycling event – for Montgomery County Residents only:

aturday, March 17, 2018
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Precinct 3 Recycling Center
1122 Pruitt Road
P 281.367.7283

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