The Summer Scavenger Hunt Begins!

Look Out For Litter Banner

Blog Post By Zoe Killian, Environmental Education Specialist

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting in the wind… is a real eye sore?  Well, school’s out and now is the time to lookout for litter!

Encourage our young citizens to take action against litter by joining The Woodlands Township for our 4th annual summer litter scavenger hunt— Lookout for Litter. In addition to free fun in the sun and keeping our community beautiful, everyone who completes a log will earn a t-shirt and a free ice cream cone. It’s easy! Go to the Look Out for Litter page to register and to print a litter log and share this poster with your friends.

What litter do you see regularly? Can you think of a solution for this specific litter? By recording the different trash you find, you’ll be able to observe patterns and explore solutions to stop litter at the source.

At one school, 5th graders picked up 1,247 pieces of litter on their campus. They identified plastic straw wrappers as the most common type of litter.

So the school stopped buying straws!

These 5th Graders were inspired to fight litter with technology through Litterati. Become a citizen scientist – add the Litterati app to your phone and help us map litter in our community while contributing to a global database.

For information on how to register and to print a litter log, please visit The Woodlands Township Look Out for Litter page, or call 281-210-3927.