Are you ready for spring?

Warmer weather is here so pack away those sweaters and coats and get your closet ready for spring. While you’re at it, take a moment to set aside clothes you no longer wear or that your kids have outgrown. Hmmm, now that the closest is clean, what about the garage, or the attic. How about those toys, books and games no one plays with anymore?

Well, now it seems a spring cleaning is in full swing. Once you decide you can live without it, what do you do with it? Can you donate it, recycle it or should it be landfilled? We’ve highlight our top 5 most viewed articles to help you clean house this spring.

1. Recycling Dilemma: Got Stuff?  From bulky items that don’t fit in the trash bin, to scrap metal, appliances and light bulbs, find out how to properly dispose of it all in this quick read.

2. Recycle Right, Recycle Often Need a quick refresher on what CAN and CAN’T go in your curbside recycling bin?

3. Moving Boxes and Oversized Cardboard Did you know that Waste Management has a special pick-up day each month for your village to collect cardboard boxes at the curb?

4. To Bag or Not To Bag  You may have heard, plastic bags create havoc when placed in your recycling cart. For more information on why and what you can do with your clean bags and film, read To Bag or Not To Bag.

5. Resolution for a Greener Year Beyond just spring cleaning, what other actions can you take to reduce, reuse and recycle at home?

For a complete list of resource, visit The Woodlands Township Recycling and Solid Waste  or email

5 thoughts on “Are you ready for spring?

  1. I am assuming no organizations are accepting donations now. Did your office contact Goodwill and Something Special to see if they are closed down?
    You may need to add an update to your donation reccommendation.
    But kudos for thinking of us and trying to give us means to occupy ourselves productively in our home restriction.

  2. Hi Jon,
    We have recently made an update to the Donation Guide online to reflect the current situation. At this time, most donation centers have temporarily closed but we encourage residents to hold on to those items and donate when these resources become available again.

  3. Spring cleaning is one of the important and crucial time, which can make you donate your stuff which you actually don’t need at all. Whether it is clothes, foods, furniture or anything else.

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