Recycle More At The Store

Plastic bags are not an acceptable material in our curbside recycling carts. Many of us choose to reuse the plastic bags that float into our lives, but did you know that most of your plastic packaging can be recycled at a participating store if it is clean and dry? Look for the receptacle near the entrance.

Recyclable Items to Take to Store Include:

  • Air Pillows and Bubble Wrap
  • Case Wrap, Pallet/Stretch Wrap
  • Newspaper and Magazine Sleeves
  • Bags on Clothing or Electronics
  • Dry Cleaning Bags
  • Bread Bags, Produce Bags, Food Storage Bags
  • Grocery/Retail Bags & Other Film Packages
    (Check for the How2Recycle label)

Learn more about why plastic film doesn’t belong in your curbside bin and should go to the grocery store instead.

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