An easy disguise to outsmart greedy mosquitoes

Ever wonder how mosquitoes seemingly appear out of nowhere to ruin your fun? How do they find you so quickly? It’s all owed to a highly tuned sensory system which targets the next source of blood to fuel the next batch of eggs. Find out how keen their senses are in this explanation of How Mosquitoes Find You.

If only there was a magical coating to cloak you from these marauding blood-suckers – an invisibility cape that took just seconds to put on and followed you everywhere. Would you wear it? Well, you’re in luck. Find out how to harness the Power of Invisibility in the fight against mosquitoes.

For more information on keeping mosquitoes out of your backyard, check out how to Mosquito-Proof Your Patio or

To report a mosquito problem, contact the Environmental Services Department at or 281-210-3800. 

2 thoughts on “An easy disguise to outsmart greedy mosquitoes

  1. More detail about the above graphic would be useful and welcome. I’ve heard of deet, but what are IR3535, picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus? Where does one find them? How should they be applied?

  2. Great point, Kim. Looks like a good opportunity for us to share more information. We put together a more in-depth look at repellents last year that is a great resource. Check it out here:
    You can find repellents in a variety of stores: grocery, sporting goods, large chain retailers. Most retailers stock repellents in an area where sporting goods, camping, or patio items can be found.

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