Monitoring Mosquito-Borne Disease in The Woodlands

The buzzing has begun! As summer approaches, the Environmental Services department would like to remind you that “mosquito season” is here. May is when the Texas Department of State Health Services begins testing mosquito samples for disease.

The Environmental Services (ES) Mosquito Team is out setting traps that target the vectors for West Nile virus (WNv).  The last two years, we’ve experienced high WNv disease activity in The Woodlands. In 2020, 12% of mosquito samples tested positive for the disease and 8% in 2021.

To prevent the spread of mosquitos (and mosquito-borne illnesses) – the ES Mosquito Team reminds residents to take a moment every week to empty containers holding water and scrub out birdbaths. Some of the most common mosquito breeding sites found around the yard are – plant saucers, toys, wheelbarrows, buckets, and birdbaths. Follow these simple guidelines and reduce the buzzing in your backyard!


If you are having a problem with mosquitos and cannot locate the source, please call Environmental Services at 281-210-2058. For more information on mosquito-proofing your yard check out this two-part series.