Protect Yourself from Mosquito-Borne Disease

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With news of the first positive mosquito samples for West Nile Virus in Montgomery County, The Woodlands Township reminds everyone to stay alert and take steps to protect themselves and loved ones from the risks of mosquito-borne disease.

Remember to Wear Repellent

There are many products in the marketplace that claim to repel mosquitos. How do you know which one to choose? Go for one with Picaridin, DEET, IR 3535 or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus as the active ingredient – these have been shown to be the most effective at repelling the Culex and Aedes mosquito species. Whichever you choose, always follow the label to apply as directed. View the Tell Mosquitos to Bug Off article for more tips on selecting the right repellent for you and your family! 

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Remember to Drain After Rain

Residents are encouraged to check their yards for standing water and to empty containers to reduce mosquito breeding sites. Check out the Drain After Rain article for more tips on eliminating standing water. 

For more information on West Nile virus from the Centers for Disease Control, view the West Nile Virus Fact Sheet.

For more information about mosquito abatement in The Woodlands, please visit the Township’s Mosquito Control website.

To report mosquito issues, please contact Environmental Services at 281-210-2058.

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