Positive West Nile Virus Samples Increasing

Data from The Woodlands Township Mosquito Surveillance Program indicates a strong start to disease activity this summer with 30% of monitored zones returning a mosquito sample positive for West Nile virus (WNV). Typically, mid-July to mid-August is the peak of WNV activity but the unusually high temperatures have contributed to an earlier start to peak season.  

The Township partners with county agencies to respond to disease activity. Access the Mosquito Treatment Activity Map for South Montgomery County here and for Harris County here to find out if and when your area has been scheduled for spraying. Montgomery County Precinct 4 conducts additional operations which includes Harper’s Landing, their map is accessed here. Residents of Alden Bridge and College Park west of I-45 can learn of additional operations in Precinct 2 by calling that office at 281-259-6492. 

Environmental Services staff search out and treat sites where mosquitoes are breeding. A major culprit – your nearby storm drain. When lawns are over-watered or sprinklers misaligned, the resulting runoff funnels into the storm drains, creating, you guessed it, a perfect mosquito breeding habitat. Irrigate correctly (no more than an inch a week for optimum turf grass health) and you can stop mosquitoes at the source. Then take just a few more steps to make life outdoors safer and lot more bearable: 

  • Tip out toys and garden equipment after rain 
  • Clean out gutters 
  • Rinse out birdbaths once a week 
  • Treat meter boxes that hold water with Bti Mosquito Dunks® 

Non-toxic Bti Mosquito Dunks® are the best way to treat areas where water stands for more than five days. Cheap, easy, and safe for pets and wildlife, you can find them at your local hardware store.  

Personal Protective Measures 

  1. Everyone is advised to wear repellent when outdoors and when West Nile virus is known to be circulating. This is especially important when someone: 
  • Is over age 50 
  • Is outside in the early morning or evening hours when mosquitoes are most active 
  • Has underlying health conditions 

There are special considerations for children – see this Parents Guide to Repellent.  

  1. The mosquitoes that carry WNV are more active during early dawn and dusk hours. Consider changing your routine if you’re normally outdoors during these times or create a barrier with long, loose sleeves and pants. 

More Tools to Mosquito-Proof Your Patio 

Check out why an oscillating fan works well and why we recommend garlic barrier, just two of the suggestions in the Mosquito-Proof Your Patio series. Use this handy guide to check your yard for other places mosquitoes might be lurking.  

To report a problem area or to request more information, contact the Environmental Services Department at enviro@thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov or call 281-210-2058.  

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