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Join GreenUp Fall Sweep and Make a Difference  

Did you know in 2020, Keep America Beautiful estimated that there were 152 pieces of litter for each U.S. resident each year? Gather up your family and friends and help Keep The Woodlands Beautiful! GreenUp Fall Sweep is a self-guided litter clean-up week  from October 29th to November 4th.  No registration needed, just choose a day to clean up along a pathway, waterway, or natural area near you.  

How GreenUp Fall Sweep Works 

Get a group together and enjoy the fall weather while keeping our community clean and green. You can borrow litter grabbers and vests from the Environmental Services Office at 8203 Millennium Forest Drive. We can also provide gloves and bags; please call 281-210-2058 to schedule a pickup so we can have your supplies ready.  

Next, choose a place in the community that could use some sprucing up. Parks, pathways and green spaces by shopping centers, businesses, churches, schools, and waterways always need cleaning.  Look closely at tree lines to spot litter that may be hiding under leaves and brush. 

If you encounter any large or hazardous items, use the Township 311 App or call 281-210-3800 during normal business hours to report it. Once you’ve finished your litter cleanup, dispose of full bags at home or in a park trash can. Don’t overstuff park trash receptacles as this can lead to more litter. Make sure you tie your trash bags tightly to protect sanitation workers.  Share your success by posting a photo on social media using the hashtag #KeepTheWoodlandsBeautiful 


We recommend wearing long pants, closed-toe shoes, hats, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and bringing a reusable water bottle to keep your crew protected and hydrated.  Use gloves when picking up trash and wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer when you are done.  

Be aware of wildlife you may come across, including snakes. Observe from a distance and disturb tall grass or bushes with a stick before entering to scare off wildlife. Know what poisonous plants are and try to avoid them. Poison ivy is common along pathways and inside tree lines. Touching leaves and roots can cause a painful rash. Remember the rule, leaves of three, leave it be! 

Why is litter a problem?

All litter, big and small, is not only unsightly, it has serious environmental consequences that can be prevented. This is particularly true when litter ends up in our waterways, where it can leach chemicals and clog storm drains. Please dispose of waste properly, educate or report those seen littering and start the habit of picking it up when you see it.  

For questions, comments or to reserve contact or call 281-210-3800. 

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