Monitoring Mosquito-Borne Disease in The Woodlands

[Blog by Megan McNairn, Environmental Education Specialist,]

The buzzing has begun! As residents enter into the summer season, the Environmental Services department would like to remind you that “mosquito season” is here. The month of May is when the Texas Department of State Health Services begins testing mosquito samples for disease.


The Environmental Services (ES) Mosquito Team is out setting traps that target the vectors for two important mosquito-borne diseases – Zika virus and West Nile virus (WNV).  Fortunately, no samples tested positive for Zika virus and there was a low incidence of WNV in The Woodlands last year. Only 1% of the mosquito samples sent for testing were found to carry the disease.

To prevent the spread of mosquitoes (and mosquito-borne illnesses) – the ES Mosquito Team reminds residents to take a moment every week to empty containers holding water and scrub out birdbaths. Recent surveys of yards in The Woodlands determined that containers around homes – such as plant saucers, toys, wheelbarrows, buckets, and birdbaths – were the most plentiful source of mosquito breeding sites. Follow these simple guidelines and reduce the buzzing in your backyard!

If you are having problem with mosquitoes and cannot locate the source, please call Environmental Services at 281-210-3800. For more information on mosquito-proofing your yard and a review of The Woodlands Township Mosquito Surveillance & Education activities in 2017 visit our Mosquito Control Page.

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National Wildflower Week May 6-12, 2018

[Blog Post by Ann Hall,]

Nationwide, beautiful wildflowers are enhancing our outdoor environment. Initiated in 1988 by the American Wildflower Society, National Wildflower Week is celebrated yearly during the first full week in May. Since 2003, the Ladybird Johnson National Wildflower Center has served as the permanent home of this yearly focus on our nation’s wildflowers.

Enjoying wildflowers in The Woodlands is as simple as taking a walk, visiting a park, local forest or garden. Bring along a wild flower field guide to assist with identifying the plants in bloom. The definitive resource, Texas Wildflowers: A Field Guide, was recently revised and is available for purchase. Use your phone or camera to capture the beauty of your excursion into nature.

With the resources available through the Ladybird Johnson National Wildflower Center, the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating plants is almost unlimited. To learn what is blooming in a given week, access “What’s In Season.”

For a directory of wildflower suppliers, access the National Suppliers Directory.

Local native plant societies in our area offer additional resources, nearby educational opportunities and plant sales focused on Texas native plants. The Native Plant Society of Texas-Houston offers a variety of useful native plant resources on their website.

Make an appointment with yourself by adding your wildflower walk or hike to this week’s calendar. Our wildflowers are blooming! Enjoy them!



Thank you volunteers and sponsors for another amazing Earth Day GreenUp!

Recently The Woodlands Township celebrated its 8th annual Earth Day GreenUp. This community wide stewardship project involved neighbors, friends, charity groups, and co-workers meeting across the community to clean pathways, parks, and waterways. The event’s success can be attributed to the over 750 volunteers that participated.

With 40 volunteer organizations and a multitude of friends and neighbors, over 3000 hours were logged and over 8,000 pounds of trash was collected – which equals 92 trash carts! Additionally, three pounds of cigarette butts were collected during clean up and sent to TerraCycle. Cigarette butt waste collected is then recycled into a variety of industrial products.

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“Volunteers have always enjoyed this event that celebrates Earth Day and keeps our parks and pathways clean,” notes Zoe Killian, Environmental Education Specialist for The Woodlands Township. She encourages residents to continue the celebration throughout the year by participating in one of the many other Township stewardship programs. “Interested volunteers should contact our department to learn more about Adopt-A-Habitat, Adopt-A-Path, and Look Out For Litter.”

Earth Day GreenUp was generously sponsored by Waste Management, Keep America Beautiful, Berkeley Services, H-E-B, Woodlands Joint Powers Agency, The Woodlands Development Company | Howard Hughes, Papa John’s Pizza, Nature’s Way Resources and Woodlands G.R.E.E.N.

For more information on community stewardship programs such as Adopt-a-Habitat, Adopt-a-Path, cleanup events, or participation in next year’s GreenUp, visit Environmental Services online or call The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at 281.210.3800.

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Limited Time Offer – Purchase Your Rain Barrel Today!

Rain Barrel AnimatedLimited Time Offer
For a limited time, the 50-gallon Ivy Rain Barrels from Rainwater Solutions can be purchased at a special discount price. These funds will support environmental education in The Woodlands area with college scholarships, library donations, lectures, field trips, and other environmental education activities.

This offer is provided by The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N., a non-profit environmental education network founded in The Woodlands by residents in 1990.

​Retail: $129
Discounted Price: $85*
*with WJPA rebate: $42.50

Order online and for questions or additional information, email

Why purchase a rain barrel?
A rain barrel is a container that captures and stores rainwater draining from your roof. Barrels usually range from 50 to 80 gallons and have a spigot for filling watering cans and a connection for a soaker hose. Combining the use of rain barrels with appropriate plant selection and mulching promotes water conservation. Rain barrels benefit your home, garden and community.

What Are the Benefits of Rain Barrels?
Rain barrels provide free irrigation for your garden and reduce harmful runoff into streams, rivers and lakes. Rain barrels also save homeowners money on their water bills. According to the Woodlands Joint Power Agency, lawn irrigation accounts for 50% to 80% of water used. Rain barrels provide a free water source for irrigation and ease reliance on water supply.

Healthy Plants and Soil
Tap water contains inorganic ions and fluoride compounds that accumulate in the soil over time and potentially harm plant roots and microorganisms in the soil. Rainwater does not contain the same additives found in tap water. It benefits plants in your garden by cleaning the soil of salt buildup, thereby promoting an environment conducive to root development.

Reduction of Runoff
Rain barrels help reduce the flow of storm runoff. When it rains, runoff picks up soil, fertilizer, oil, pesticides and other contaminants from hard surfaces and landscapes. Storm runoff is not treated and flows directly into streams, lakes and other bodies of water nearby. Runoff fertilizers increase algae growth in lakes, and excess soil alters the habitat for fish. Bacteria can even make lakes and oceans dangerous for recreational activities. Rain barrels capture water that would have swept over a paved surface or lawn, thereby minimizing runoff pollutants.

Take advantage of this limited time offer and order online today. You will begin saving money and water tomorrow!

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WaterSmart Landscaping with Native Plants on April 26

WW Lanscape WG Event Blog Post GraphicJoin The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. for an upcoming lecture series featuring Mark Bowen bowen photo-3of  Nature’s Way Resources.

Saving water is easy when you’re gardening with native plants. Join The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. to learn more about which varieties are great for sprucing up your landscape and conserving water. Because native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions, they require far less water, saving time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water. In addition to providing a vital habitat for birds, many other species of wildlife benefit as well.

The event will take place on Thursday, April 26 at 7 p.m. at the Houston Advanced Research Center located at 8801 Gosling Road. The event is free to attend and there is no registration required.

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April 28, 2018: National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

National Take Back DayNational Prescription Drug Take Back Day: Dispose of prescription drugs safely and soundly
The DEA’s next Prescription Drug Take Back Day is Saturday, April 28, 2018. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), in 2017 Americans disposed of a record-setting 456 tons of potentially dangerous expired and unwanted prescription drugs during the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Now in its 8th year, the event addresses a vital public safety and health issue while also protecting the environment.

take back day logo

For residents, the DEA, assisted by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, will provide collection services in The Woodlands Township front parking lot (2801 Technology Forest Blvd, 77381) on Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please note: The DEA cannot accept liquids, needles or sharps, only pills or patches. The service coordinated by The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch is free and anonymous, no questions asked.

Because what you flush eventually goes somewhere
pills with ban symbolYour toilet isn’t a portal to another dimension where waste vanishes. When flushed, many pharmaceuticals work their way through the sewage treatment process and into our drinking water and our waterways, where even very small levels harm aquatic life.

Play a key role in abuse prevention
Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to misuse and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show most abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, usually through the home medicine cabinet.

Additional information for collection site
The Woodlands Township collection site will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas will be held on the same day, please refer to their website for direction on how to navigate around the race course. In most cases, you may prefer to reach the Township from Research Forest Drive, south on New Trails Dr. and east on Technology Forest Blvd. For traffic difficulties, contact the number that is usually posted on the IRONMAN traffic signs.

Other local law enforcement agencies are participating. If you are unable to drop in The Woodlands that day, please CLICK HERE to find other local collection sites.

Keep your family safe and the environment healthy; clean out your cabinet today and take unwanted drugs to The Woodlands Township or another local collection facility.


Walk in the Woods: Join us on Thursday, April 12


Walk in the Woods – join us on Thursday, April 12

Join Environmental Services as we host Jonah Evans, State Mammologist, Texas Parks and Wildlife. During this Walk in the Woods, he will discuss and enlighten the audience about large cats and rare mammals in the great state of Texas. For this program, the nature walk will occur from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. followed by a the keynote presentation.

Thursday, April 12
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.              Nature Walk
6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.             Keynote Presentation

The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park
6464 Creekside Forest Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77389
Contact: 281-210-3800

Registration required, free to attend.

Jonah EvansJonah Evans is the State Mammalogist for Texas Parks and Wildlife. He has had a lifelong passion for studying carnivores and mammals. As Mammalogist for TPWD, he coordinates mountain lion, black bear, furbearer, bat, and rare mammal research and conservation statewide. Much of his time now is focused on the devastating impacts of white nose syndrome on bats.

Jonah completed an MS in Wildlife Science from Texas A&M University in 2006 and worked as a Wildlife Diversity Biologist in West Texas for 5 years prior to taking on his current position. He has a passion for animal tracks and sign and is the author of iTrack Wildlife, a smartphone field guide to animal tracks. He is also a co-author of Animal Tracks and Scat of California. He has traveled extensively around the United State to train biologists and college students in animal track identification and maintains the website

Volunteer (2)

Explore nature at your back door! Experts reveal the extraordinary plants and wildlife of East Texas. A different program each month from February through April and September through November. Located on the edge of the Big Thicket, Montgomery County is home to a diverse plant and wildlife population. Walk in the Woods Nature Lecture Series introduces the audience to the unique species that inhabit our community. Guest speakers recognized for their expertise present topics ranging from bats and owls to hummingbirds and habitat gardening. Featuring exquisite photography and occasionally live specimens, Walk in the Woods appeals to nature enthusiasts of all ages and levels of interest, from students to retirees.

Registration is required for our free Walk in the Woods Nature Series.  Space is limited, so register now for this nature walk and presentation. The mission of The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department is to empower informed choices for the sustained health of our community and environment. The department coordinates a wide variety of programs that provide information and resources for healthy, sustainable living. For more information, please visit us online at or call 281-210-3800.

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Solid Waste Services NOT Impacted by Holiday

Reminder: All solid waste services in the community will occur as usual over the Easter holiday.  There will be no interruption or delay of services. Waste Management will provide curbside pick-up of trash, recycling and yard trimmings to all residents on their regularly scheduled service day, including Friday, March 30, 2018.

If your holiday celebration generates more trash than the 96-gallon trash cart can hold, extra service tags are available for purchase for $1.75 each at Township offices, Kroger and Randall’s.  One pink service tag should be affixed to each plastic bag of household trash that will NOT fit into the trash cart.

Please note that the Precinct 3 Recycling facility will be closed on Friday, March 30. The Woodlands Recycling Center on Research Forest Drive will be open every Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. regardless of holidays.

Per the 2018 Holiday Collection Schedule, the only holidays that will affect residential trash and recycling collection this year will be New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  Find more information about trash and recycling services – visit Environmental Services online. To report missed pick-ups, please call Waste Management Customer Service at 800-800-5804.

Copy of Recycling Reminder - Labor Day (1)

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Hundreds of Volunteers to celebrate 2018 Earth Day GreenUP – join us!

GREEN STARTS WITH ME!On Saturday, March 24 – after the 2018 Earth Day GreenUP event – join The Woodlands Township for live music, children’s activities, educational booths, and pizza!

Drop in to join – no reservation necessary. Celebrating its eighth year, The Woodlands Township’s Earth Day GreenUp celebrates the coming together of residents from throughout the community to beautify our parks, pathways, greenbelts, and waterways. With over 500 volunteers registered, this won’t be a small shindig.

Come relax and listen to the Buck Yeager Band. Based out of Houston, Texas, the Buck Yeager Band is on the path to emerge as one of Houston’s best upcoming country acts. Buck Yeager Band has thrilled audiences across Texas with their tremendous energy and their proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages. The band recently won 2018 Best New Song from the CMA of Texas.

ED GreenUPFood and refreshments will be available for purchase if you have not registered to volunteer. If you are still interested in volunteering, you may just show up at one of the eight participating parks.

Check-In Locations
Volunteers (pre-registered and walk-up registrations) can check-in Saturday, March 24, 2018, from 8 to 10 a.m. at a designated village park. Pick up supplies and receive a map to your designated cleanup site.

  • Alden Bridge: Alden Bridge Park, 7725 Alden Bridge Drive
  • Cochran’s Crossing: Shadowbend Park, 4995 Lake Woodlands Drive
  • College Park: Harper’s Landing Park, 2 N. Blair Bridge Drive
  • Creekside Park: Rob Fleming Aquatic Center, 6535 Creekside Forest Drive
  • Grogan’s Mill: Sawmill Park, 2200 Millpark Drive
  • Indian Springs: Falconwing Park, 5610 Rush Haven Drive
  • Panther Creek: Ridgewood Park, 4192 Interfaith Way
  • Sterling Ridge: Cranebrook Park, 11800 Cranebrook Drive

Here’s a link for more information. Join us for day of fun and enjoyment – please contact Environmental Services for any questions, 281-210-3800.

It’s Fix a Leak Week: March 19 to 25, 2018

[Blog Post By Terrilyn MacArthur, Environmental Education Specialist,]

Picture 800 bottles of water in your mind. Now picture dumping them down the drain. That’s the amount of water that a “running” toilet can waste every day!

Conserving water is really about not wasting it. And leaks do exactly that, day-in and day-out, often without notice. In most homes there are leaks of some sort with water loss often accounting for up to 10 percent of the monthly bill.

bottled water

A running toilet can waste 800 bottles of water a day!

Fix a Leak Week is a great time to take action on those leaks. Check for dripping faucets, running toilets, leaking hoses, broken irrigation heads, and wet spots inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Water is our most precious resource so let’s use it wisely.

If you would like to have a repair kit for a leaking hose, or dye tablets to check for a running toilet, come by the Environmental Services Department office, 8203 Millennium Forest Drive, where we have a supply just for you.

For more information, contact The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at 281.210.3800, or visit us online.

Do More to Waste Less!

[Blog Post By Zoe Killian, Environmental Education Specialist,]

Refreshing your recycling knowledge and improving your sorting regimen is simple and important. By putting only the accepted items in your yellow-lid curbside cart, you are ensuring that your materials are properly recycled. Follow these guidelines to ensure you make your recycling count!

When in doubt, throw it out – If you cannot verify that an item is recyclable, the best action is to repurpose or throw it away. It is more important to recycle correctly than to “wish-cycle” and contaminate the recycling stream.

Never throw trash, food waste, plastic bags, wires, fabric, or Styrofoam in your yellow-top curbside recycling cart! These items contaminate your good recyclables and damage processing machinery.


If you are a new resident, check with The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department for recycling guidelines and resources or call 281.210.3800.  Check out our Recycle More Guide and Donation Guide for comprehensive lists of recycling and donation opportunities in The Woodlands.

Curbside Recycling Cart Guidelines


  • Cartons
    • Milk, juice and soup cartons
  • Glass bottles and jars
    • Clear, brown and green
  • Rigid plastic bottles, jars and containers
    • Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 NO #6
    • Pour out liquids and rinse containers well
    • Replace caps
  • Corrugated cardboard and paperboard, cereal boxes and tubes
    • Flatten and/or trim to fit cart
    • NO pizza boxes
  • Paper
    • Books, phone books, catalogs and magazines
    • Newspapers, include slicks, remove plastic bag
    • Office and school paper
    • Junk mail
    • Brown paper bags
  • Aluminum cans and foil – rinsed
  • Tin or steel cans – rinsed
  • Remember, NO PLASTIC BAGS – take them back to the grocery store for recycling

Curbside Textile Recycling Guidelines

Orange Bad Header Image

Step 1: Place clothing, shoes and home goods into the orange bags provided by Simple Recycling. Simple Recycling will also provide residents with tags for larger items that will not fit inside the bags. You can request bags at online.

Step 2: Place your bags at the curb on your normal service day by 7 a.m.

Step 3: A Simple Recycling truck will collect the bags automatically (no ordering is necessary) and recycle them.  A replacement bag will be left for you.

Don’t stop at the curb – Recyclables can also be taken to The Woodlands Recycling Center or the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Recycling Center. The Precinct 3 Recycling Center also accepts items that do not belong in your curbside cart such as plastic bags/packaging, electronics (for a fee), bulky Styrofoam, and much more.

Upcoming recycling event – for Montgomery County Residents only:

aturday, March 17, 2018
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Precinct 3 Recycling Center
1122 Pruitt Road
P 281.367.7283

National Invasive Species Awareness Week: February 26 – March 2, 2018


In order to help create understanding around invasive species, this week is highlighted as National Invasive Species Awareness Week.

What are invasive species?

Invasive species are plants, animals, or pathogens that are non-native to the ecosystem under consideration and whose introduction causes or is likely to cause harm. (Executive Order 13112).

Species defined as invasive are like an unwanted house guest, they put down roots, spread around and overstay their welcome – permanently unless they are removed. Why? Because our environment makes it such a welcoming place. They often persist because of lack of natural predators, competitors in the environment, lack of disease that would normally regulate their populations – all factors contribute to a favorable environment.

How costly are invasive species? Texas Invasives estimates around $137 billion annually in the US. The majority of the cost is attributed to the prevention and control and continued monitoring. The most harmful species cost in excess of $100 million annually.

What can you do to help?

The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department hosts two workshops annually to educate residents on invasive pests and vegetation. Guided by Dr. Hans Landel (Texas Invasives) the purpose of the workshops is to train volunteers to identify, monitor, and remove species.

Locally, The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) publishes a field guide entitled The Quiet Invasion – and a limited amount of copies are currently available for pick up at the Environmental Services Facility (8203 Millennium Forest Drive, The Woodlands.) For more information about the guide, please find a digital guide online.

There are many online resources available to research and monitor invasive species in the area.  Check out Texas Invasives’ database to track and identify – and promptly provide your unwanted house guest an invitation to leave.

Here are additional resources to help:

Prohibited Exotic Species – Texas Parks and Wildlife
Noxious Plant List – Texas Department of Agriculture
Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests – USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
State Noxious, Texas – USDA NRCS Plants Database
Top 24 Invasive Plants – City of Austin Invasive Management Plan
Plants listed in the Invaders of Texas App
Prohibited Plant Species – North Texas Water Garden Society
The Quiet Invasion – Houston Advanced Research Center


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March 24: Earth Day GreenUp – Our Great American Cleanup Event!

[Blog Post By Zoe Killian, Environmental Education Specialist,]

Volunteer (3)Pre-register for Earth Day GreenUp 2018 before March 12th, 2018. A limited number of trash grabbers will be available for those who sign up early.

Join The Woodlands Township and communities across the nation by participating in Earth Day GreenUp, a Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup initiative on Saturday, March 24th, 2018.

earthdaygreenupearth only

Together, we can target litter on pathways, along waterways, and in greenbelts to keep our community looking clean and green!

Every “litter” bit makes a difference.  All litter can have adverse effects on wildlife, community aesthetics, public health, and even property values. [This report from Don’t Mess with Texas relays the true impact litter has on our state.]

This community-wide cleanup is an excellent opportunity for team building, meeting neighbors, and enjoying the outdoors.

After the cleanup, everyone is welcome to attend the post-cleanup party and celebration at Northshore Park from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Join us for food, music, education booths, and games from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Volunteers who participated in the cleanup will be honored guests, receiving free pizza and drinks along with the 2018 event T-shirt. The general public may purchase pizza and drinks.

The Woodlands Earth Day GreenUp is coordinated by The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department. For more information, call 281-210-3800.

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Enhance Your Landscape with Kitchen and Yard Waste


[Blog Post by Ann Hall, Environmental Education Specialist,]

Compost is composed of two basic types of organic materials:  brown material and green material.

Brown Material

  • Leaves
  • Pine needles
  • Dried yard trimmings (dead branches, plants)
  • Frozen plant material (from winter freezes)
  • Shredded cardboard
  • Shredded newspaper
  • Nut shells

Green Material

  • Vegetable scraps and peelings
  • Fruit cores and peelings
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tea bags
  • Grass clippings

Brown material is a source of carbon while green material adds nitrogen to the compost bin.  Collect leaves in bags or a compost bin.  Kitchen scraps may be stored in a small counter top bucket with a lid.  When kitchen scraps are abundant, freeze them in zipper top bags to add later to the compost pile.  Coffee grounds, filters and used tea bags may also be stored in zipper top bags.

Layering brown material alternately with green material in a compost bin creates a perfect environment for beneficial microorganisms to begin to decompose these organic materials.  As the microorganisms break down the sources of carbon and nitrogen, heat is generated.  An actively heating compost bin will heat for 3-5 days with a temperature ranging from 80-160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As the bin cools, other decomposers such as small insects will enter the compost bin to continue the maturing process which provides available nutrients for plants.  Finished compost may be used on house plants, outdoor ornamental containers, planting beds or vegetable gardens.  Turning kitchen and yard waste into useful compost is a rewarding gardening activity. 

Compost Class Event Cover

Free composting classes are offered at 10 am continuing on the first Saturday of  February and March at The Woodlands Township’s Parks, Recreation and Environmental Services Department facility located at 8203 Millennium Forest.  Join us to learn more about back yard composting.

For details, please visit us online.

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New Dates, Format, and Location: 2018 Walk in the Woods

WITW LogoExplore nature at your back door as experts reveal the extraordinary plants and wildlife of East Texas!

The next Walk in the Woods is scheduled for Thursday, February 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the Recreation Center at Rob Fleming. Attendees will be treated to an interactive wildlife presentation followed by an evening walk through the George Mitchell Preserve.

Our keynote speaker will be Kevin Gaines of Sky Kings Falconry and he will present birds of prey. A noted expert in the research and rescue of birds, Kevin will discuss various species and specifically the rescue work that his organization supports in the area.

KevinGaineswithOwlKevin has been working with raptors for almost 10 years. He has worked with birds as small as Kestrels and Conures to ones as large as Bald Eagles and Andean Condors! He has presented programs at the Texas, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, and Mobile Renaissance Festivals, Callaway Gardens and numerous school programs. Recently, he started using his skills in the bird abatement field, and founded “Sky Kings Falconry Service” in order to spread the message of wildlife conservation and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to bird problems.

falconLocated on the edge of the Big Thicket, Montgomery County is home to a diverse plant and wildlife population. Walk in the Woods Nature Lecture Series provides an introduction to the unique species that inhabit our community. Guest speakers recognized for their expertise present topics ranging from bats and owls to hummingbirds and habitat gardening. Featuring exquisite photography and occasionally live specimens, Walk in the Woods appeals to nature enthusiasts of all ages and levels of interest, from students to retirees.

For the upcoming spring season, Walk in the Woods Nature Lecture Series will take place on  February 8, March 8, and April 12. All programs will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will be held at the Recreation Center at Rob Fleming. Each program will focus on a different topic area and each program will feature an outdoor walk or presentation with a keynote speaker.

Volunteer (2)

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