Recycling Dilemma #1001: Oversized Cardboard & Moving Boxes

Whether you just received delivery of a new jumbo flat screen television, relocated from across country or just moved down the street, dealing with the cardboard boxes can seem like a big problem… but don’t fret! Your curbside solid waste services provide a special pick-up day each month for recycling oversized and abundant cardboard boxes.  Continue reading

Got mosquitoes? Follow the water!

Untitled-1Imagine a perfect yard – the grass is green and healthy, the mosquitos are elsewhere and with the money saved on your water bill, you buy the pool lounger of your dreams. Irrigation is the key factor that connects the health of your plants, the number of mosquitos in your neighborhood and the amount of money you spend on utilities each month. By watering your plants and lawn the proper amount each week, the perfect, mosquito-free yard is well within reach! Continue reading