Snakes: Safety Tips to Remember

Snakes CollageEach spring as native reptiles stir from winter hibernation, chance encounters with snakes increase.  Although snakes are sighted often following heavy rains and in areas of new construction, the number of venomous snakes is far less than most people believe. 

“The vast majority of local snakes are quite harmless. The likelihood of encountering a venomous snake is very slim.” –  Nathan Wells, Project Specialist with The Woodlands Township

Being able to recognize venomous species calms human nerves and protects beneficial snakes from becoming casualties.  Learn to distinguish venomous snakes from harmless ones: Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Snake Safety.

Snakes are reclusive creatures by nature. They do not chase or prey on people.  Rats, mice, frogs, toads, scorpions, spiders, centipedes and smaller reptiles are mainstays of the snake’s diet. However, for safety’s sake, snakes and other wildlife should not be disturbed, picked up or handled.

Snake Safety Tips

For general wildlife questions, call The Woodlands Township at 281-210-3800 or view Wildlife Who to Call? for contact information for various wildlife agencies.

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