Leave Mosquitoes High and Dry!


The Woodlands Township reminds residents to drain after rain and leave mosquitoes high and dry! Recent heavy rains coupled with the first confirmed reports of West Nile virus in mosquitoes from The Woodlands make it doubly important to eliminate standing water from your yard.

Any water that persists for seven days can become a breeding area for mosquitoes! Take a moment every week – trash day is a good reminder – to scout the yard for toys, tarps, pet dishes and other containers that can hold water. Dump or drain those that you can!

Try these two tips for mosquito hot spots!

Tip #1: Pot saucers for patio plants are a favorite spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Use pot feet instead of a saucer to protect decks and patios. Available at garden centers in many styles, pot feet leave mosquitoes high and dry and keep potted plants from becoming water-logged!

Pot_Feet small

Tip #2: For birdbaths or rain barrels, use Mosquito Dunks® containing the biological larvacide Bti. Also found in garden centers, the product safely treats water while being harmless to birds, pets, aquatic life and children.


Find tips about choosing repellents and information about mosquito abatement on the Township’s Mosquito Control webpage.  To report mosquito concerns in The Woodlands Township, call Environmental Services Department at 281-210-3800.