Simple Recycling Cancels Curbside Service in The Woodlands

Automatic curbside pickup of textiles in The Woodlands will end on November 20, 2020. Citing financial impacts from COVID-19, Simple Recycling is ceasing weekly curbside service in The Woodlands as well as similar operations in more than 30 cities and towns across Texas. Since 2017, The Woodlands Township has contracted with Simple Recycling to provide residential curbside collection and recycling of textiles and small household goods.  

Also known as the “Orange Bag Program,” Simple Recycling’s collections diverted over 60 tons of material annually away from the landfill, at no cost to the Township. Currently, no other companies in Texas provide no-call curbside textile collection and recycling.  

Although automatic weekly service has been cancelled, there are several local charitable organizations where you can request curbside pickup or drop off usable textiles and small household goods. For a list of locations and contact information, check out the Donation Guide. Unusable textiles, such as rags or torn or stained clothing, should be placed in the trash or repurposed, never placed in the recycle cart. 

For more information on recycling opportunities in The Woodlands, please contact The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at 281.210.3800, or by email to

4 thoughts on “Simple Recycling Cancels Curbside Service in The Woodlands

  1. I saw their truck today while walking and was just getting ready to call them. Why is this activity stopping? I thought it was a fantastic idea.
    We live in May Valley of Sterling Ridge and never get the Villager so we can know what is happening in The Woodlands where we shop, play, go to hospital and doctors and eat. I have had 5 major surgeries in the past three years in The Woodlands at Memorial Hermann.. It’s shame that we get the Magnolia Potpoire and never do anything in Tomball or Magnolia. We get the Houston paper every single day for the past 10 years and have begged them for the Villager. Nope we get the Magnolia paper and throw it away. Our PO is Magnolia and we have never even been there in 10 years. This township way of districting is stupid. We have never lived anywhere that is not a city. We lived in Peachtree City, GA..a planned community similar to this with less population and we had a city. The Woodlands is over 125,000 people and we have 2 post offices. Something really need so be done here. i have emailed and written to every commissioner here in The Woodlands, Kevin Brady, etc asking for more handicap parking, especially at the hospital and mall. Maybe we should charge every non-resident for using the hospital and the mall. The population has increased 40 to 50,000 people and not a handicap space has been added. Plus we have more disabled vets than ever but nothing gets done. The vets deserve a place to park. Course I see lots of people using handicap spaces without a handicap placque or license plate. I feel like i live in the wild west.

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